5.0GHZ is the goal! Sitting at a stable 4.5 GHZ now.

Unofficially dub thee Skynet 

Just need to sell my old computer so I can order a 7950, better RAM, and a larger SSD.

NZXT Phantom 410 - Special Edition “Gunmetal”

Superb case. Seriously. 

Prepping my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 for installation tomorrow. This board came highly recommended; it provides all the high end features at a lower entry price. Benchmarks VERY well for overclocking, so we’ll see!




Except for two LEDs, a cable, duct tape, and a piece of transparent plastic, this working portal gun is made completely out of paper. It took deviantARTIST svanced 6-8 hours a day for about a week to complete and it cost only $10 for materials.

Check the video to see the device in action.

Almost done with my 2013 build! Just need to order some memory, a graphics card and a new SSD. The case (NZXT Phantom 410 SE Gunmetal) and CPU cooler (Corsair H80i) are in-route! 

What do you guys think of the GTX 670 Vs. the 7950? The very helpful and knowledge guys over at Overclock.net seem to be unanimous about the 7950. 

Frankensteining a friends computer the other night. First we used his old case to hold his newerish computer up, only before finding him a better motherboard and processor. We then gutted it to make sure everything was compatible.   

G.Skill has some pretty amazing RAM, but check out the heatsinks on these Ripjaws!

Skiftkey 3 is by far the most popular keyboard app available on the Android Market today. Hell, it’s one of the most popular apps period. All the fame is well deserved, though.

Simply put, Swiftkey 3 is fast, fluent, and pretty to look at. I found it to be more responsive than the stock keyboard on my Galaxy S3. It’s not a resource hog like some of those poorly coded keyboard apps out there either.

The strongest aspect of Skiftkey 3 is its text prediction. Even with a 4.8’ screen, my chubby fingers constantly found their way to the wrong keys. The integrated keyboard’s predict text did very little to help, as it would almost always predict something totally off! Swiftkey 3 is always spot on. I don’t stop when I hit the wrong key, I just keep going, and it corrects it with remarkable accuracy. It has VASTLY improved my typing speed and response time. You can go even one step further and have it analyze your typing patterns on Facebook, Twitter, and text messages; though I opted out because I’m still a conspiracy theorist at heart and certainly don’t want to surrender my privacy, at least not that easily.

For all of you who suffer from tinkeritis, that need to customize and fiddle with settings and appearances, worry not—that’s here too. Swiftkey 3 has plenty of color schemes to choose from, all of which look very nice, especially on a higher resolution screen.

The only downside I can see so far is the lack of Swype. However, this feature is currently in beta for the next version of Swiftkey.

All-in-all, if you feel any inclination to upgrade your Android’s keyboard (and you should), Swiftkey is the way to go.